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Own Eye Magnifier



  • Special eyelash tweezers
  • 4 LED lights incl. batteries
  • 1 Eye Domination shield
  • Lens cover
  • Lens cloth
  • Enclosed in a quality Zip travel carry bag


         The Eye Care Magnifier Mirror. 

Using Universal Own Eye TM  Magnifier

* for Removing Ingrowing Eyelashes


Ingrown eyelashes are not only painful & irritating but can be downright dangerous, sometimes causing permanent damage to the eyes. They scratch the surface of the eye unless they are removed.


The options available for dealing with problem eyelashes are not always permanent. The laser or cryobalation (freezing follicles) treatments available (according to reports we’ve had) are often not long term solutions. There are some terrible cases of operations that have gone wrong with dire consequences which, quite frankly are too scary to contemplate.


The only certain relief for ingrowing eyelashes/ trichaisis is removal of the offending eyelash…they grow back…. that is a fact we cannot ignore. There is a quick and easy solution using the Own Eye Magnifier to remove your own eyelashes. Now you can be independent and totally in control.

·      Ingrown Eyelashes can now be removed easily by you WHEN & WHERE you need to, because Own Eye Magnifier is small and portable with self - contained bright lighting. No more waiting weeks (in pain) for an appointment!

·      When you can see your Eyelashes clearly and greatly magnified it is now safe to remove them yourself, providing you don’t have shaky hands. You can see the eye really well lit and magnified even those fine white eyelashes!

 Eg. If you are overseas and are troubled by an Ingrowing Eyelash ….who do you go to for help? If you have the Own Eye Magnifier with you, then you can do it yourself!

How convenient is that?

·      No more paying for every Ingrown Eyelash you have removed, this saves you money! What value is it to be able to fix that problem your self NOW and to be independent?  Even if your Optometrist does not charge you to remove lashes, he may be bulk billing for your visit. 

·      An Eye Specialist could charge $90 a visit (mine did) so 3 visits saved and you’ve more than paid for the Own Eye Magnifier! Often you get home only to find an eyelash was missed and that is SO annoying and costly! Now you can be independent with less inconvenience of travelling to those appointments to have ingrown eyelashes removed, wasting time & money.

·      No more painful Sore Eyes because of ingrown eyelashes. If not removed, even one ingrown eyelash can scratch the cornea and damage your eyes. It is painful and dangerous to ignore them.

·      Using the Universal Own Eye Magnifier, you can now see clearly to remove even one tiny eyelash BUT remember that your choice of tweezers is very important. Tweezers must have excellent tips to be able to grasp a fine ingrown eyelash. The Eyelash Tweezers included in the kit are safe and very efficient, with rounded ends and tips that grip even fine eyelashes.

Other uses:-

    ·      Eye Make-up  and false eyelash application

    ·      Eye First Aid

    ·      Eye medication application

    ·      Fast & easy insertion of Contact Lenses

    ·      All Eye Care.

Hundreds of delighted customers Worldwide can’t be wrong! Read our testimonials.


 Please DO NOT use tweezers near your eyes if your hands are at all shaky!

Make sure you seek medical advice for any eye injury or if you have any concerns about your eyes.

Hints for using the Own Eye Magnifier to remove ingrown  eyelashes.


Refer to the Instruction sheet included with the Magnifier for overall instructions re the assembly etc., paying particular attention to the section on eye dominance.



·       It is essential to use good quality tweezers with no sharp edges.

·       NEVER use tweezers if your hands are unsteady!

·       Always rest your elbow on a table to stabilize your hand where possible.

·       Hold your tweezers approximately an inch / 25mm from the tips to increase the working space between the mirror and your eye.

·       Hold tweezers at a slight angle towards your eye. Holding tweezers as you would hold a pencil (as drawing below).

·       Practice makes perfect. Remember it is the first time you’ve seen your eye in this much detail, so it takes time and practice to remove those first eyelashes.

·       Be patient.

·       Be persistent, you will get used to it.

·       Remove eyelashes in the morning or late at night when they are relaxed.

·       It may help to use a fairly warm compress on the eyes before removing eyelashes.

·       If you can feel an eyelash but can’t see it, try blinking a lot and often they will stand up a bit more. Fluid from your eye sticks to the eyelash, and helps you to see the lash. You can also use the “shadow” of the eyelash on the white of the eye to locate it.

·       For lower lid eyelash removal, see the drawing below if you have difficulty removing eyelashes when trying from the front of the Magnifier mirror.

Place your hand behind the mirror and over the back to approach your eye from the top as shown in drawing. Rest your elbow on the table for stability.


lower lid eyelash removal instructions

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